Breakstones Light Sour Cream – 2 pack / 8oz


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Breakstone’s Reduced Fat Sour Cream delivers the classic taste and creamy texture you know and love with less fat. Made from cultured pasteurized Grade A milk and cream, this delicious sour cream is always a great addition to meals and side dishes. With 40% less fat than regular sour cream, reduced fat sour cream is the perfect recipe ingredient for those looking to reduce fat from their diet. Enjoy reduced fat sour cream on baked potatoes or as a creamy sandwich topping. Add a dollop to tomato soup or taco pizza, or make a delicious French onion dip for veggies or chips. The convenient resealable 16 ounce tub stores neatly in your refrigerator and keeps this sour cream ready for when a craving hits. Breakstones sour cream is always creamy and deliciously satisfying because Breakstone’s has been made with quality, care, and the finest ingredients since 1882

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