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Beef Stew Fresh, 4 lb Pack

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Beef Stew Fresh, 4 lb Pack

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Stew Meat – Stew Chuck, which is our standard, is from the front of the chuck, and come in cubes of boneless meat.

Best cooking method:

Stew meat has connective tissue in it that needs to be broken down to be eaten. This takes time. A basic stew involves seasoning and browning the meat, then cooking it for a good, long while. How long you cook it depends on if you like the meat to fall apart or for it to remain in whole pieces. Count on a minimum of three hours if you’re not using a pressure cooker.  Crockpots, pressure cookers, and instant pots are all possible options for stew meat. Follow a recipe for exact cooking times.


Use chicken stock instead of water for a fuller flavor. It pairs well with beef.

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